Monday, November 24, 2008

Reviews for fable 2 and beautiful katamari.

Recently three great games i have come across happen to also have some major flaws. How ever the flaws these games present (such as the INCREDIBLE! amount of difficulty and stress the Westcliff shooting range on fable 2 shows) Are usually insignificant and do no take away from the amazing story line and fun the game is over all.

With a great franchise such as Katamri, It can be difficult to live up to expectations and that's what beautiful katamri does, it lives up to the hype. I will admit that i was expecting a bit more than just the usual roll stuff up and solve a problem with a giant wad of crap! i mean at least its xbox live compatible. still very few disappointments, especially when i see fat kids in bathing suits trying to wiggle there way out of my katamari.

For four years i waited, my sub conscious always saying "fable 2", "what if glitches screw up my entire game!". I was always waiting for that one game and finally last month it arrived, it was worth the wait. The graphics when i forced pushed Hobbes over cliffs was enough for any person to say "oh snap"! The new spell, experience, fighting and quest/map/teleport systems are amazing. The fact you can have a child and get awards for bigamy make it all worth while. The story is enough to make any one want to jump with joy and the decisions are tougher than ever. and as well as are all resources you NEED to see. Trust me this is a must by for xbox 360 owners.

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Literacy 9 said...

u sound like u actually know what ur talking about, which is great, because in my blog, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!