Tuesday, December 9, 2008

castelvania dawn of sorrow

Wow. I got a new game yesterday and already I'm shocked at how amazing it is. Castlevania is one of my favorite series and when they come out with a new game i hop right on it. I was how ever shocked to discover there was a sequel to era of sorrow that i had not played so i jumped out of my seat and went to my father so he could get it for me. i was browsing the gamespot review and blam it got an 8.0/10 that scored it a "great" on the gamespot title scale.

When i got the game i sat down and shoved it in my ds and i could immediately hear the familiar music. The new features like item synthesis sent me on a grand quest to upgrade weapons while unlocking more and more parts of my map. The fact that you from now on have a map constantly on the top screen of your ds is amazing. Its especially helpful for exploring. The only thing that agitates me is the price of items in the shop and the fact you constantly are in a cycle of drinking/buying health potions. Before i quest i always fill up my stock and you probably should just in case. Basically through out the game you track down a cult through the castle of Dracula and try to stop some nut jobs from becoming the prince of darkness. The control scheme is great, the story lines good and the over all gameplay is amazing. I love the game and gamespot declares " you can't go wrong with Dawn of Sorrow."

you can score it for yourself and experience castlevania at konami.com

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