Monday, December 15, 2008

The world ends with you......

Wow, one of the greatest game i have ever seen popped in this week, even more shocking, ITS A HANDHELD!, i guess big things come in little packages. The game is called the world ends with you for the Nintendo DS. as expected game spot exclaims "The World Ends With You is a compelling and immaculately presented RPG from start to finish, and is a great way for Square Enix to kick off a new franchise." A big fat 9.0 was slapped on the game and that earned it the editors choice awards. once again square enix made my life a happy one. quotting gameinformer "never has a company been so tied in with a specific genre." Square has been making the best rpg games scince the NES era with their home hitting franchise final fantasy, which just happens to have some of my favorite games of all time included in it.

Now lets get down to the gameplay elements, not only is the story line highly unique, it offer up charachtes that we can all easily relate to, its amazing what kind of experience games can offer. The tight controls make the game at just the right difficulty. The added fact you can switch difficulty modes in the middle of the game make battles that are just to hard to complete, managable if you need a bit of a boost. Also the attack system with the touch screen is fairly simple how ever it makes stringing combo together just the rigt difficulty. Plus the pin system (pins are the main mode of attack in the game, each pin is unique) basically alows you to carry a certain number of pins around in battle that you use to attack with, how ever each pin has a reboot time so once you use it you cant use it again for a few seconds depending on the pins reboot time. aside from battle, moving is simple just touch where you want to go on the touch screen. Once you pick it up you cant put it down, One thing is for sure, The World Ends With You is a compelling adventure that all NDS owners should pick up now.

So go pick it up, what're you waiting for, :) check it out!

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