Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mortal Kombat V.s DC Universe

a game That has snagged my attention in the past few weeks, is a game that not only have i not played yet, but it contains two of my favorite games in a classic beat em up featuring characters like Batman, or scorpion from mortal kombat. According to gamespot in their review they state " In a way, it feels as if many fighting game characters have stepped right out of the pages of a comic book. They wear bizarre costumes, spend a lot of time punching and kicking other people, and possess inexplicable powers. Pitting fighting game characters against comic book heroes and villains has been done before, and in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the meshing of Raiden's crew and Superman's posse makes for some pretty exciting action--especially online." Gamespot has given it average ratings and is starting to pick up attention from fans and newcomers alike. Gamespot gave it a rating of a mere 7.5, although this sounds disappointing it also got awards for outstanding game play and awards for causing people to jump to conclusions but then it threw in a shocker at the last second.

Considering my background knowledge on Mortal Kombat, if the game has the classic controls like in the origional games (not armageddon or shaolin monks, even though those titles are great, lets face it, The gameplay sucks compared to the tight controls games like mortal kombat for the n64 offered) it should be pretty good with the exception of a few mods for the new age controller designs. Over all i think any fan of either of these 2 mashed up franchise's or new comers to fighting games, shoul pick this up with the recent sale prices of 49.99.


Literacy 9 said...

i like how u actually put up some pictures for the game


Literacy 9 said...

sweet, this looks like an awesome game because its got scorpio, its got the flash and everyone else. I really like how you explained this