Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Secret achievment on the xbox 360 and why they make me SO ANGRY!

OK this is going to sound more like a rant and less like a blog post but at least its about gaming. Recently i have been playing some of my older xbox 360 games and i dug up part of my past i had hoped to bury. I was looking through the achievements on beautiful katamari when i came upon an achievement, A SECRET ACHIEVEMENT! They make the achievements so exiting by calling them secrets and not telling you what they are, IT'S NOT CLEVER! they make me so angry i fiddle around with the games for ever trying to find them out but nooooooo the game has to be almighty and deny me the gamer score i deserve!

Not only do they bug me, they bug a lot of people. Lion head studios, the creators of fable 2 recently were debating weather or not to have secret achievements in fable 2 but thank god they decided against it. So the question i would like to pose to the entire gaming industry is, Why the hell do you still have secret achievements in games?! Do u have no common sense, we don't want them and you don't care so GET RID OF THEM! But to quote Fran├žois-Marie Arouet "commmon sense is not so common."


Literacy 9 said...
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Literacy 9 said...

I love this blog.
It gives alot of good information on gaming.
You can tell that it's something you really like to talk about.
Nice job :D

Literacy 9 said...

THIS SUCKS HAHAHAHA. J/k. Great info, but if it bothers you so much - look it up online. The internet is yo friend, brah =D -A.D

Literacy 9 said...

Great Blog, I agree. =^..^= LED