Tuesday, December 16, 2008

new halo, PREQUEL?!

For years gamers have been trying to bridge the gap between bungie games , Marathon and Halo. Marathon was a computer game played online with other player. It was one of the first of its kind. Bungie does not deny or confirm this rumor. How ever the similarities between the two game intrigues me to this very day so cant help but wonder, Will this new halo prequel called halo3:ODST do anything to prove or disprove this myth or reality. I hope that halo is not part of marathon because halo is one of the more inspiring parts of my life. I have been playing it since the dawn of the game.

So also another halo title is about to hit shelves this February with Halo Wars. The firs ever halo RTS and also one of the first RTS games for the xbox360. Halo wars will have you using your headset to give commands and use new mechanics to enhance the over all realism of the game. It is a pretty big leap for halo. Especially since it is being designed by the genius creators of Age of empires. just like the other new halo title, it is a prequel where gamespot says "Controlling your troops is straightforward using the Xbox 360 controller, with face buttons used to select and issue commands, cancel orders, or deploy special attacks. Each unit has a more powerful secondary attack that can be used and reused after a recharge period. The warthog can ram enemy troops, UNSC soldiers can throw grenades, and scorpions can unleash some heavy cannon fire, which decimates structures, vehicles, or hunters within a small area." all i have to say is hurry up and get here February, we want more halo!

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I want all of the halo games now