Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sony slashes 16,000 jobs out of the company

Sony has officially confirmed that 8000 full time jobs and 8000 part time jobs in an effort to save 1 billion dollars. Along with the job cut sony is cutting back investments in non core departments. This is all due as a result of the xbox 360 out selling the ps3. In my opinion the xbox360 owns the ps3 anyway. So sony is also closing 10 percent of there factories around the world. Gamespot declared "the Xbox 360 outsold the PlayStation 3 three-to-one during Black Friday sales in the United States." If ken kutagari was still working for sony would all this happen?

On a more cheery note there is one question that all gamers are asking, are price cuts in the near future? i hope so, not owning a ps3 is bugging me and a lot of gamers, paying a lot for a game system is not an option in our economic crisis. job cuts are something the us cant deal with at the moment. Sony needs to cancel the cut backs NOW! the cut back on the ps3 is not worth the lives sony will ruin.

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Literacy 9 at SDHS said...

They cut 16000 jobs because the 360 outsold the ps3, they should have seen this coming anyway. Microsoft is better then sony anyway

Literacy 9 at SDHS said...

WHAT THE HECK!!! I THOUGHT THAT SONY WAS THE BEST, BUT THAT IS TERRIBLE!!! I feel bad for the people who were laid off.